Fashion and food may seem like an unlikely pairing but the number of high-quality blogs that showcase both subjects is on the rise. Here is a special collaborative blog post between Kevin at Chic in the Sheets and Twinkle at Oh Twinkle that features two links from Hypebeast where the stylish and culinary pursuits often intersect:

Twinkle: Hypebeast predominantly focuses on streetwear rather than high-fashion so it makes sense that their food posts are geared towards everyday eats. They feature an interesting hybrid travel show and cultural documentary called Semipermanent. Semipermanent is a web series on Vimeo that is hosted by Erik Moynihan and Tiffany Needham. Each episode’s subject matter differs but all of them center around stories from expatriates living in Seoul, Korea. Hypebeast showcases the 3rd installment “Eat To Live” of the series which is about food. I enjoyed the insights about the dedication some Korean restaurants and food stalls have for fresh, high-quality, local and organic foods.

Now what does this have to do with Paleo? To be completely forthcoming: nearly all of the food showcased in this episode are non-compliant but there are definitely key Korean food staples that can work in a Primal/Paleo context: many of fermented and pickled kimchi; mussels in broth; bulgogi; and if you do allow for fermented soy, up opens the world of Korean stews and noodle soups. As you may tell from my previous blog posts, I am a fan of ethnic foods and would love to see more culinary variety in the Primal/Paleo world. However for the less adventurous, there are other tastes highlighted in the episode. You meet a Moroccan duo making delicious and unique Moorish sandwiches; an American tasting many different Chinese dishes in Daerim, a predominantly Chinese area in South Korea; and also a Korean street food cart serving up twists on the classic American hot dog. All in all, the overarching theme in this episode is how the culture shapes the “culinary terroir” of food and that is always interesting, no matter what type of diet or fashion you follow.

Kevin: Personalization is everything in a personal wardrobe/style. It is often times difficult to truly personalize one’s style, but I think HYPEBEAST as found a sure-fire way to help you out on the quest of personalization.

HYPEBEAST has endured as a site which delivers reliable fashion news. This site also as a great series which they call “Essentials”, which where they ask important figures in the world of fashion what items they use in their everyday lives. Our lives are in constant motion and it is consistently difficult to keep with personal style, especially, when the stress that accompanies everyday life is encumbering you. But as self-proclaimed connoisseurs of fashion, we perceiver and do our best to make certain that we are able to swell. There are certain items that will eventually become staples of your own personal style: watches, hats, wallets, bracelets, etc. These “Essentials” are indispensible and necessary in our everyday outfits.
It’s hard to stick out in the world of streetwear when everybody is striving to obtain the same brands and types of clothing you are. So these “Essentials” that HYPEBEAST posts is great reference to see how different people personalize their style and make their wardrobe unique to themselves. I know for a fact these “Essentials” post have paved a way to plethora of ideas for personalization. Hopefully the can do the same for you and anybody else on the journey of becoming a one-of-a-kind fashionable gentlemen.