About Me

Welcome to “Oh, Twinkle!”

This food blog focuses on the introduction and application of the Paleo-Primal (or “ancestral”) diet. I will cover introductory topics such as “What is Paleo/Primal” and “Essential Pantry Items and Kitchen Tools”; the practical application topics include recipe tutorials (“reviews” of published recipes and new original content), as well topics like “How to Navigate the Real World as Paleo-Primal.” I also want to share my personal experiences with the lifestyle and how these food choices affect my overall physical health and mental well-being. In an attempt to make my blog “voice” more unique and to appeal to a wider audience, I want to focus on flexibility and frugality. Far too often, the Paleo-Primal lifestyle appears unattainable or inaccessible due to costs and diet dogma, but my hope is that I can make this diet genuinely approachable so that it may successfully fit within your life.


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