Keeping it short and sweet, but tasty this week:

The Domestic Man posted a wonderful recipe for Blaukraut (German Red Cabbage) last week and after all of that “beige” holiday food, I am ready to add color back into my life in the form of antioxidant-rich cabbage. This is an excellent foolproof and economical recipe that doesn’t require any special produce or pantry ingredients with the possible exception of cloves. The resulting recipe is a wonderful homey side dish that pairs very well with pork and wintery root mash of parsnips & cauliflower; if you can have white potatoes with no issue (some Paleo folks do indulge), I recommend using that in the root mash instead of cauliflower.

I will admit: I am not infallible. While I am able to navigate through most non-Paleo items without temptation, I do go weak over sour gummy candies or gelatin snacks. Thankfully, this is not something I contend with at home but the office is another story. They recently stocked up on some “healthy” fruit leather snacks (chock-a-block with corn syrup and canola oil) so to keep my cravings at bay, I plan to make a big batch of Balanced Bites’ sweet & sour gummy gelatin snacks to keep in the office refrigerator. These treats are an excellent way to get plenty of gut-healing and joint-soothing goodness by way of grassfed gelatin. I use the Great Lakes kosher gelatin (in the red canister) and I do lean towards the sour end of the recipe by swapping the 1/4 cup water for more lemon juice). I’ve successfully made “berry” versions of these gummies and now that they are out of season, I will test the quality of frozen berries and report back. These gummies do require a bit of trial and error to suit your palate (taste and texture-wise) but no matter how you tweak it, the end result is still delicious!

Thanks for your continued reading!


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