Thanksgiving Recipe Notes

Thanksgiving is thankfully in our rearview mirror so now I can post some recipe reviews!

This holiday, I tried two recipes from Nom Nom Paleo: Cran-Cherry Sauce and Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon. Cranberry sauce never made it to my family’s Thanksgiving table but with the new extended family, I thought I ought to try my hand at this Thanksgiving classic. Michelle’s version omits the copious amounts of refined sugar and balances the tartness of cranberries with apple juice and cherries. I used fresh cranberries and ginger, frozen organic cherries, and organic unfiltered apple juice. Definitely use fresh ginger; the grated root adds a much-needed spicy note to this sweet-tart sauce and I found that I did not need to add honey for additional sweetness. I also added some grass-fed gelatin (a conservative 1/4 teaspoon) but unfortunately, I did not use enough to achieve the classic canned shape. Next time, I will add 1/2 teaspoon so the sauce will have more of a jelly-like consistency.

For the brussels sprouts recipe, I doubled the amount as I was cooking for twelve people. My oven runs hot so I reduced the temperature from 400 to 385 degrees Fahrenheit. I used olive oil as I ran out of ghee and splashed a little extra golden balsamic vinegar on the uncooked sprouts. Golden balsamic vinegar is lighter in color and tastes slightly sweeter than the regular dark brown balsamic; the golden vinegar also does not darken food so it is a good choice if you are concerned with presentation. I thought the sweeter flavor would be a nice contrast to the earthy sprouts and copious bacon. The sprouts & bacon came out perfectly right at 35 minutes and I drizzled some extra balsamic vinegar on the cooked sprouts. These were a hit on the Thanksgiving table and even managed to convert a few diehard haters into newly minted fans of the tiny cruciferous vegetables. This is a foolproof side dish that works great for everyday and special occasion holiday meals so definitely add this one to your recipes folder.

Did you try any new recipes for the Thanksgiving holiday? I’d love to hear your recommendations!


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