Overwhelmed by Thanksgiving leftovers? Here are some tasty links to help you whittle away all that turkey:

Stupid Easy Paleo knocks the leftover game right out of the park with her recipe for a Paleo Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich. This delectable sandwich combines turkey with brussels sprouts, drizzled with cranberry sauce, and is sandwiched between two sweet potato latke-style buns. You can definitely tweak this recipe based around your leftovers: gravy instead of cranberry sauce; mashed potato or even stuffing pancakes instead of the grated latkes; the variations could go on forever.

If you prefer some lighter fare after the Thanksgiving indulgence, Martha Stewart offers a restorative turkey broth with chiles and tomatoes. This light soup uses the roasted turkey carcass to create a rich broth; the recipe as posted does not actually call for turkey meat but you could easily add it in to make a more substantial meal. Definitely do not skip the lime as the acidity brightens the flavors of the soup; you can serve it with additional wedges on the side.

Thanks for your continued reading!


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