Supernodes Within the Paleo Community

As a newcomer to the Paleo lifestyle and the blogger community, I rely on several different websites for information.  Three “supernode” blogs or websites I follow provide a wealth of reliable nutrition research and discussion: Mark Sisson’s Daily Apple, Chris Kesser, and the Weston A. Price Foundation.  Many of the other websites on my blogroll frequently reference one or more of these supernodes as their influence on the Paleo/Primal community is far-reaching.  All three websites consistently produce interesting, original topical content that provokes discussion and healthy debate within the community.  Their voices are well-respected, critical but moderate enough to engage people outside of the Paleo/Primal communities.  In particular, the Weston A. Price Foundation (WAPF) is not a definitive Paleo website but their health, nutrition, and diet research echoes many of the same sentiments, which makes it complimentary; the same can be said about Mark Sisson as the diet he advocates is known as Primal, which is very similar to Paleo (which is why I often use the terms in tandem).  Chris Kesser also follows a similar path by advocating a Paleo/Primal diet but he is also open to challenging some of the diet’s principles through research and his clinical practice.

So in the interest of learning more: what are some of the “supernode” blogs you follow (Paleo or not)?


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