Something stinks… and it’s this week’s Tasty Treats:

Bone broth is a cornerstone of Paleo/Primal cooking as it is used in many different savory recipes or consumed with little embellishment as savory “healing” drink. Oh Hello Paleo talks about the surprisingly unpleasant result of making bone broth at home. But don’t let that smelly surprise deter you from making your own bone broth; with the holidays coming up, bone broth is an excellent culinary workhorse to have in your cooking arsenal (OHP uses it to great effect in a homemade beef stew).

Continuing down this smelly path of Primal/Paleo essentials, how about rendering tallow or lard? If you’ve familiarized yourself with Paleo, you know that the most people use almost every part of the animal, including the fat. Lard (pig) and tallow (cow) are excellent cooking fats but it can be difficult to find both from pasture-raised sources. The Paleo Parents posted a helpful guide to rendering suet into tallow. You may end up with more fat than you know what to do with… and interestingly enough, you can turn it into a beauty balm! This Paleo Life has an excellent DIY recipe for beef tallow skin lotion. I haven’t tried it yet but I am a sucker for all-natural beauty products, and what could be more primal than slathering your body with animal fat?

Thanks for your continued reading!


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